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Powered by an on-call mobile workforce with over 500 crew members ready to take the storm calls, VISION ensures rapid storm restoration logistics services nationwide. 

With an utmost dedication to both crew and customer safety, VISION‘s core leadership carefully vets each potential VISION crew member for high-level technical knowledge, safety excellence, and overall professionalism.

VISION maintains high safety standards on storm, backed by safety certifications and professional memberships. 


VISION’s expert storm response begins long before the first forecast of any storm. Our extensive technical and safety experience helps us anticipate all types of potential storm scenarios, making for VISION‘s ultimate preparedness—the key to safe and successful restoration logistics results.

VISION‘s location and organization of its laydown yards ensure that VISION crews and equipment are set for swift and safe mobilization. 

VISION‘s core leadership, its carefully vetted crews, and a dedicated back-office staff allow VISION to offer exceptional customer service as we take on the influx of calls and logistics responsibilities that come with storm—before, during and after.


With 50+ years of collective experience in the field and on storm, VISION brings extreme storm restoration expertise and operational excellence to every level of storm event. Technical advancement and continued safety training keep VISION always up-to-date and ready.


VISION UTILITIES, INC. was founded as a certified Woman- and Minority-Owned business in July 2021 with a mission to provide safe and efficient storm restoration services to local power companies and their customers.

Since its beginning, VISION has focused on being fully equipped to swiftly and safely respond to severe weather-related emergencies. Since starting out in the Northeastern United States, we have taken our services into the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions—and are heading further South and West this season!

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As VISION expands its storm response territory, we are on the lookout for highly skilled and professional LINEMEN, SUBCONTRACTORS, and OWNER-OPERATORS to work with us as we respond to the increasingly urgent need for VISION’s extreme expertise nationwide. 

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